Dance of the Miller (Danza del Molinero) | Falla | large horn ensemble


From the ballet The three-cornered hat (El sombrero de tres picos), composed by Manuel de Falla. Arranged for 11 or 10 horns and additional timpani.

This arrangement can be played with 10 horns. In that case the 5th horn is canceled and the cue notes must be played in the other parts.
The solo horn is not intended as a soloist. The term is used because horns 1 to 4 generally form the original horn parts. It would be strange to name them differently, because horn 2 is normally a low horn and that remains the case now.
The solo horn plus horns 1 to 5 generally form the horn and wind parts in the original score. Horns 6 to 10 generally form the string parts in the original score.
The timpani are additional, but I think they add extra color and depth to the score.

28 pages (Score 15 pages)


Arrangement for horn ensemble:

Arrangement for 8 horns:

Octetversion, performed by Bill Bernatis:

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